Duncan’s Blog – May 2013

I’m writing this in our campervan, looking out from Sunnyside Croft in Arisaig – the sun is shining on Eigg and Rhum. Bliss, or it would be if the van’s 12v electric system hadn’t failed – again. It’s been one thing after another with this beast….it spends most of its life being used as an office cum writing studio in our back garden, and seems to dislike being made to go anywhere. This is its first trip since last August, and it’s done just over 4000 miles since new. Needless to say, none of its faults are ever covered by the warranty (read the terms and conditions, sir…). Ach well, the sky is blue and the view is stunning, so shut up, McCrone.

It was a real privilege for Cy and I to travel over to Carradale earlier in the month to play in the inaugural Noufest weekend – a three day celebration of the life and work of novelist and playwright Naomi Mitchison. Marvellous stories from her family and local musicians, fishermen and farmers, and great to work with our pals Mark, Stephen and Paul Johnson (aka The Twisted Melons) and the brilliant piper Lorne MacDougall.

A week later, Irene and I spent a coupe of great nights with a group of old friends in York, but I had to come back early to play at the Fintry Music Festival, where we supported Blazin’ Fiddles in front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 300. I’ve known everyone in the Blazers for years now, and we had a great time – they certainly know how to work an audience.

No gigs in the diary until August now, but I’ve a few ideas for later in the year and for 2014. It seems that promoting our own concerts might be the way to go, and I’m talking to another band about a series of double-headers. Do I need the stress of it all? Not really, but I do need to play and sing – can’t imagine a life without making music.

I really do love this time of year, though – June in particular always lifts my spirits, although the light nights sometimes make it difficult to get enough sleep. Apparently you need less as you get older, so I better get used to it!

Anyway, I reckon the long winter is finally out of the way, so here’s to long days, hill-walks, barbecues and happy times.

See you later,


Duncan x

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