Duncan’s Blog – June 2013

Well, not much to report this month. Probably more sunshine than we got all summer last year, so managed to et the new barbecue we bought up and running. We had a great time with our musician pals Chris Stout and Finlay Macdonald and their better halves, along with Cy and his wife Mairi, Dee and Emma (Dee manages Biffy Clyro, and we’ve been pals for years – he’s also bassist with the Pearlfishers) and of course the McCrones…..as I write this at the very end of June though, rain is falling and our campervan trip in July isn’t looking quite so enthralling….

Musically, we had a couple of projects, but no gigs. We recorded a song with Billy Stewart, a good friend of many years’ standing. He had written it in tribute to his son Gordon, who lost his battle with illness almost a year ago. Gordon had been planning on making a recording with us right up to the end, but it wasn’t to be, so this is a hugely important thing for his dad – Cy and I were so glad we could help make it happen. The song’s called ‘May I Walk in Your Shadow’, and will be available for download soon, to raise funds for – an awareness of – blood cancer charities. It’s a cracking song – very uplifting and breezy – and very suited to Gordon’s cheerful and optimistic personality.

We also managed to complete some library tracks we’d written, and worked with some cracking musicians at 45 a Side Studios in Glasgow – a great facility, and Paul McInally, the owner and sound engineer, did a great job for us.

London trip at the start of July, then it’ll be a couple of weeks off. Looking forward to Kintyre as always, and maybe a few days ‘on the road’ searching out places we’ve never visited before. In the West of Scotland, can’t be that many…!

Anyway, July’s gig-free as well – I’ll really need to think about plans for later in the year, as the diary’s empty after our two August concerts in Edinburgh. I just heard that the Corstorphine gig on 30th August is sold out, so we must be doing something right!

Hope everyone has a great summer, and that the sunshine manages to re-appear at some point!!


Duncan x

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