The Resurrection Road (A Clydeside Carol)

You walk past me a hundred times,
And think that I don’t see
You never read the tattered card
That introduces me
But just for once you stop a while
And turn to say ‘hello,
Merry Christmas! bless you pal’
Then on your way you go.

Sauchiehall Street, years gone by
Was nothing like today
Christmas lights would shine like stars
And tinsel on display
While on the river, big ships lay
And sounded in the year
The Sally Ann played carols,
(and)…. no one was sleeping here..

So ring the bells
And try to think of something to believe in
If even just a promise from the moon
To look to the horizon
And stop the Clyde from rising
If my friends forsake me
The bitter night should take me
Then you’ll find me
You’ll find me
On the Resurrection Road

Thank you for the handout,
It’ll keep away the chill
Next time you pass, please stop again,
Though I don’t suppose you will.
There’s far too many just like me
And there but for the grace
Go everyone folk who pass me by
And can’t look in my face.