Duncan’s Blog – March 2014

A grand start to the month, with two days in London for a party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Performing Right Society (PRS). I’ve been a member since 1982, and have worked for their sister society MCPS since 1989, so it was nice to get together with over 600 colleagues, amny of whom have become friends over the years. I’ve been so lucky to have made my living from music, one way or another, for so long. Everyone moans about their job at some point, but mine is really good fun – and interesting – and I’ve got to know an incredible number of decent, friendly people over the past 25 years. Good times, with hopefully many more still to come!

March has brought a perceptible shift in the weather, and it fairly lifts the spirits. I’m writing this bit of the blog on Sunday the 9th, and I’ve just taken my old MG out for its first run of the year. A bit lumpy and wheezy for the first couple of miles – the car was too, right enough (boom boom). I’ve vowed to use it more this year, otherwise I’d be as well selling it – I’ve had it for nearly 16 years though, and it would be a terrible wrench.

Things are racking up a bit in the referendum debate but I think I’ll keep out of it for the time being. I’m very decided, but I genuinely do worry that, whatever the result, we’ll have a divided country. I love Scotland with an absolute passion, and I’m devastated at the increase I see in poverty I see in a nation so rich in talent, ability and natural resources. Let’s hope we make the right decision on September 18th.

Two really enjoyable gigs this month – Greenock Boat Club, one of our favourite folk clubs, and a fantastic wee night at the Buchanan Memorial Hall, near Drymen. I love these village hall gigs, where everyone comes out determined to have a good time – it really lifts the band’s spirits, too.

Take care, and have a great Easter

Duncan x

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