Duncan’s Blog – June/July 2014

I think this has been one of the best Springs of my life, what with the wedding, holidays and so on. Only thing lacking has been gigs – with everything that’s been going on I haven’t put much effort into ‘marketing’. It’s not easy, and I hate it, especially when clubs don’t bother to respond to personally written emails – I’d never spam them with generic marketing material. I know the sheer volume of social marketing attacks must be a turn-off, so I keep that to a minimum – just the odd FaceBook invitation sent to chosen ‘friends’ only. The answer is to arrange for someone to take care of all this for me, I suppose.

We had a fab time as always at Balerno Folk Club on the 24th June, an absolute favourite venue where everyone’s out for a good time. I think my blethers kept them a bit late, so sorry to anyoe who missed their bus. See me, see Ken Dodd…….. I was also delighted that folk icon Ronnie Browne of the Corries came along with his son Gavin, as did my pal Dave Gray from the Sound Cafe in Penicuick. We all meet up quite regularly for lunch and chat, and I really appreciated them making the effort.

Irene and I took the campervan to Arisaig for a few relaxing days in early June – Suunyside Croft is a great site, brilliantly run by owners Ian and Julie. Later, we went for our usual July week at Carradale Bay – surely one of the most glorious sites in Scotland (wee discount, Colin?!) – followed by an adventure taking us to Skye, Harris and Barra, in the sunshine. What can I say??

So it’s back to work, although things are very quiet at this time of year, which I really don’t like. My job’s much more fun when things are busy.

Time’s ticking away until the Referendum in September, and I’m swithering as to whether I nail my colours to the mast. I’ve never been undecided, but I really don’t want to upset the pals I disagree with, although there aren’t many of them. I don’t get involved in posting political thoughts – if in doubt ask a folk singer? Aye right.

Maybe I’ll post my thoughts in August – I’m sure very few people will give a monkey’s anyway! Meantime, be nice to each other and remember, we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns, eh?


Duncan x

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