Duncan’s Blog – July/August 2022

Well, Covid and its various lockdowns and restrictions have put the tin hat on a number of things since I last posted here about three years ago. At the time of writing, I’ve managed to avoid the virus so far (touch wood), but I’ve lost quite a few gigs, and quite a lot of inspiration and energy to boot. We’ve managed four or five gigs over the period, but audience numbers have fallen noticeably, as many people are understandably reluctant to risk going out. playing concerts has felt a bit weird to be honest, but getting up on stage to sing and play has reminded me how important it is to me, and I know that I want to keep going. I’ll never retire, but from now on I want to concentrate on the musical adventures I really want. I always hated chasing up gigs, and got hurt and frustrated by promoters and clubs which didn’t have the courtesy to reply and acknowledge my messages. I’ve always replied quickly to anyone who contacts me for bookings, advice or just to chat. These are the folk I want to work with. Luckily there are still a few out there!

Songwriting goes on though, and Cy Jack and I are working on a few ideas just now, including a new production music album. I’m setting up a recording workstation at home, and trying to make sense of the basic technology. Unlike many writers and players, I have zero interest in recording techniques and all the technology that goes with it. I’ve been lucky to work in many of Scotland’s top studios over the years with the best engineers and producers, and they, without exception, have been able to get much more out of my limited abilities than I think I could ever do for myself. I’m very fortunate also, in that Cy is one of the most talented sound engineers in the country, and that, coupled with his superb bass and keyboard skills, lift me to a higher level than I could achieve alone.

Cy and I are currently making plans to launch a new phase of our live work, and we hope to be out playing for you again very soon, so please keep and eye on our Facebook page, and send us encouragement and support. Better still, come out and see us. Covid can’t go on forever…..can it??!! 🙂

Keep the faith!

Duncan x

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