Duncan’s Blog – January 2014

Well, happy new year – starting the blog early in the month…one of many resolutions I expect to fall by the wayside.

It was a great festive season – lots happening around the village, and trips to Glasgow, Balmaha and London to see friends. I got to the stage of feeling quite grim at the sight of yet another glass of red wine, but you’ll be glad to know I’ve recovered. Plan is dry weeks and wet weekends, alcohol-wise. We’ll see…..

One highlight was a classic car ‘rally’ with pals who live in the village. I’ve had a really nice 1968 MG roadster for nearly sixteen years, and a slightly scruffier Morris 1000 Traveller for five, so the Morris was wheeled out, along with my pals’ cars – a 1936 Austin 10, 1975 MGB GT V8, a 1969 Riley Elf and a 1987 Citroen 2CV. 40-mile local run, everyone survived, although the old Austin did run out of petrol at one point! Great fun – I’m not into sport, don’t smoke, don’t spend a lot on clothes (that’s enough at the back there!) and drink only in, er…moderation, so apart from guitars, it’s the only thing I really spend any money on.

Gigs are starting to come in okay – quite a few in the diary, so it’s an encouraging start to the year. 2014 starts on the 29th of this month at Celtic Connections, opening for the Cameron Brothers’ superb tribute show ‘McGinn Meets Seeger and McColl’ at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre. Tickets have been sold out for ages, with a long waiting list, but that’s entirely due to the main feature, I assure you!

31/1 – Still buzzing after the Tron gig. Sound engineer was superb, which makes all the difference. Our set seemed to be well-received, and the main act – well, they got a standing ovation at the end! We’re hoping to put a few more of these shows on around Scotland, so I’ll put them up on the website as and when.

I’m also looking forward to hearing my big pal Bruce Davies’s new album, which is just about to be released on Rothes Records. Bruce has a great voice, and he has recorded ‘The Road to Fife’ which Cy and I wrote for him a couple of years ago, so we’re delighted.

Right-oh, that’s enough for now. Hope to see you at one of our gigs sometme this year – don’t forget to come over and say hello.


Duncan x