Duncan’s Blog – February 2017

One blog a year is a pretty poor effort – I really must do better. I love it when folk get in touch via the website, so I really need to keep things up to date a bit better.

2016 ended with three really enjoyable gigs for us in Strathblane, Balerno and Gartmore, after a quiet-ish year. When you haven’t played for a while, it can have a real effect on confidence, and you begin to get really nervous, however just one live gig brings back all the enthusiasm, and you remember why you never want to give up – it’s a great feeling when it all goes well.

Big news for 2017 is that we’ll be recording a new CD album in the summer, hopefully for release be the year-end. Can’t give away too much detail just now, but I’m really excited about it, and Cy & I are in the process of writing a few new songs and sourcing both trad material and a couple of appropriate covers. I’d love to hear of any suggestions for songs that would fit in well with our catalogue – suggestions through the website, please!

You’ll notice I haven’t been updating the gig diary recently. We’ve been playing a couple of Burns nights, and I’ve been doing guest spots at other artists’ gigs, but we haven’t had a full concert so far in 2017. That said, we have bookings in for two or three folk clubs in the summer, and are planning a couple of self-promoted concerts. I’ll put these up online when full details are available.

Meantime, it’s songwriting, working three days a week (and then some…) at the day job with PRS for Music and having the occasional stab at drumming up gigs. I really don’t enjoy that side of it, but it seems that work rarely coms looking, so – needs must.

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with more to tell you. Meantime, check out the Duncan McCrone Band on Facebook, and give us a like or send us a message.

Keep warm and happy

Duncan x

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